Sunday, November 09, 2008

Helena Wroblewski

Clasic and Modern Dancer, Teacher and Coreography
Jazz, and Tango Dance.
Study in Argentine National Dance School

"Maria Ruanova", Superior Institute
Colon Theatre, Julio Bocca School,
Universitary Institute Argentine Art IUNA.
Ashtanga Yoga teacher and Neo-Pilates,

study in Yogateraphy Argentine
Assosiation and with the best and
known private teachers.
Same Theatres and company she dance:

Colon Theatre, San Martin Theatre,
Luna Park, Alvear Theatre, Abasto Shopping,
Quilmes Company Culture House,
"Doña Rosa" House and Típic Orquesthra Quilmes City,
Mall Excelsior, Unesco,Yatch golf Brazil Club,
Murchison Telecom,
Argentine Embasy in Paraguay and Brazil,
and Tango Homes:
Carlos Gardel, Moreas Tango,
La Maja Tango, Los Mareados Tango,
El Morocho del Arrabal, El Varon del Tango...
into anather.
Make Tango films to Bayer Alemany and Portugal.
She dance Tango since 1996
Is member of Saeart Fundation of Insea Internatinal
from Education trhouth Art.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

"Negroycarmin" Tango school

Argentine Tango-Milonga-Vals Lessons:
Salón and Stage styles
Personal and grupal
Special classes:
Partner and coreography
Body trainning to Tango

Clasic Thecnical to Tango
International Shows:
Dancers, singers and orchestra
Dancers to Tango Show
Partner to Milonga and practices
BsAs Tango Tematic-Tours

Tango Lessons. Clases de Tango

Tecnic and practices. Improvisation and coreography to dance Argentine Tango in few time
Styles: salon and stage
Woman and men
Individual and grupal classes
call to reserve your class to
4300 0309 or 15 5859 2520
in my Dance school.

Tango International Show

Dancers, singers (women and men) and orquestra to given the best Argentine Tango show to the word.
Contact: Argentine:

Bailarines, cantores (femenina y masculino) y orquesta para brindar el mejor espectáculo de Tango Argentino en el mundo.

Contactenos en Argentina al

Tango Dance partner

Tango Dance Partner:
Looking for a dance partner?
Learn and enjoy.
Our teachers will take you to an authentic milonga and guide your steps on the dance floor for an exciting night in the heart of Buenos Aires.
Open to individuals, couples and groups.
English and other languages spoken.
More info call Argentine
4300 0309 or 15 5859 2520

Acompañamiento a Milongas:
Si Ud , o su grupo, necesita ser acompañado a una Milonga, le brindamos un excelente servicio de partner, mujer o varón para enseñarle técnica de baile, supervisar su danza y bailar con Ud en una Milonga de BsAs.
Abierto a personal o grupal acompañamiento.
Tres hs como mínimo, traslado y regreso incluído
Para mas info llamar en Argentina al

Tango partner and coreography special classes.Clases especiales de partner y coreografia para Tango

Technical, improvisation, composition and choreography to dance salon and stages Tango, to make jump, rounds, pirouettes, promenades, with the partner.
Clases especiales de improvisación, composición y coreografia para bailar con partner y realizar saltos, giros, pirouettes, elevaciones, deslizadas, enganches, colgadas y figuras de escenario y partner en tango salón y escenario. Hombre y mujer


Fitness training classe: Shape up for tango! Mejora tu Tango con Neo-Pilates-ball

Neo-Pilates, barra a terre, spherical dynamics, perception development, contact-improvisation, elongation both global and selective, Ashtanga Yoga, body work over ball; some tecnics to work with the mind and the body.
Exercises on the floor, supporter, center, and the ball
Mind and body coordination, breathing techniques.
Level: begining and profesional dancers and people

Mejora tu tango con Neo-Piltes y Esferodinamia

Rutinas con ejercicios de técnicas convinadas en piso, barra, suelo, sobre balones, secuencias de Ashtanga Yoga, elongación global y selectiva para todo público y bailarines profesionales.

"Tango city" tematic Tango tour

A love meet with Buenos Aires
Tango city is a tour to travelers that arrive to our country and to feel Tango’s lovers .
A thematic tour to discover the magic town that surprise the tourist.its music, dances, villages, the stories, mysteries an legends.
Everything about Bs.As., and more, a clasp’s gold to be protagonist of the tango and the silver’s queen..City tour to emblemathic town and Tango’s places: La Boca, Caminito, P. Lezama, Av. de Mayo, Abasto, Av. Corrientes, Obelisco, San Telmo...Supper Show and "milonga", orchestra’s life and dancers. You can drink and eat the best typical Argentine’s foodsBus and permanent guides and two international dancers with us all time.Guides and more of everything that you can imagine it…..
Save your place now!!!

0114300 0309
cel: 15 5859 2520